Board of Directors (2018-2019)

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and the Standing Committee Chairpersons. The Executive Committee is elected by the general membership, while the Standing Committee Chairs are appointed by the President.
Executive Committee: 
Co-President:  Kirsten Patterson
Co-President:  open
Vice-President:  Victoria Gerlitz
Treasurer:  Karen Nieman
Secretary:  Tanya Alter
Standing Committee Chairs: 
Communications:  Connie Rosenberger
Fundraising:  Victoria Gerlitz & Jessica Smith
Grad Night:  Jerrie Crook
Legislative:  open
Membership:  Jessica Smith Victoria Gerlitz
Staff Appreciation:  Caroline Gates
Student Welfare:  Sarah Marsh
Website:  Pam Dowling
Ad-Hoc & Other Committee Chairs:
Nominating Committee:  open  (typically appointed in January)
Teacher Wishlists:  Dawn Harper & Nan McCutchen
Volunteer Coordinator:  Caroline Gates