Embracing Adversity: Supporting the Development of Health Coping Strategies

Subject: Embracing Adversity: Supporting the Development of Health Coping Strategies


When: September 28, 12:00-1:30 pm

For: Parents and caregivers of teens and young adults

FREE from the YMCA

Our youth are often engaged and invested in structures that run counter to the development of resilience. Many young people are discovering they lack the flexibility and malleability they need to manage adversity and turn to maladaptive and sometimes dangerous methods of coping.   
Resilience is the ability to achieve in the face of adversity; to bend, rather than break. In this workshop, we will explore how young people can become more resilient and pinpoint some of obstacles that get in their way. Together we will explore how to better foster confidence and a sense of internal worth in our youth through community connection and opportunities to make gracious contributions. For more information about Influence the Choice visit their website.

Presenter: Jerry Blackburn is the Executive Director of the Influence the Choice Community Coalition as well as an adjunct faculty member in the Substance Use Disorder Counseling Education Program at Bellevue College.  In addition to his work, Jerry currently serves as a board member for The Garage, the Issaquah Teen Café, ParentWiser the PTSA Council Education Committee and the Greater Issaquah Equity & Inclusion Group. In 2005 he was honored by the Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse with the Richard Rivera Passionate Youth Professional Award and in 2017 the Issaquah Schools Foundation presented him with the Golden Apple Award in appreciation for his dedication to the health of young people.