Grad Night is an annual all-night all-inclusive party that allows seniors to celebrate together one last time after graduation. More than "just a party," Grad Night is a commitment by parents, school, and the community to conduct a great, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that is alcohol and drug-free on a night that is statistically one of the most dangerous nights of our children’s lives. 

The price for Grad Night covers all food, transportation and activities. No additional fees or spending money is required.  The location(s) and associated activities for Grad Night are intentionally kept under wraps. Not only does it add to the excitement of the evening, but it also protects students from "crashers" to the event. All venues are vetted by a professional Grad Night company prior to selection by the Grad Night Committee.
On or Before 12/31/21: $199
Beginning 1/1/22 until 3/31/22:  $225
Beginning 4/1/22 until 5/27/22:  $249
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