Board of Directors (2021-2022)

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and the Standing Committee Chairpersons. The Executive Committee is elected by the general membership, while the Standing Committee Chairs are appointed by the President.
Executive Committee: 
President:  Thyra Demetrick
Vice-President:  Kim Jones
Treasurer:  Jerrie Crook
Secretary:  Jennifer Fierling
Standing Committee Chairs: 

Grad Night:  Heidi Hendrickson
Membership:  Kim Jones
Parent Seminars: Thyra Demetrick
Reflections:  Kim Jones
SAT/ACT Prep: Kim Jones
Social Media Communications: Kim Jones
Staff Appreciation:  Dawn Harper and Wendy Talens
Student Welfare:  Thyra Demetrick
Teacher Wishlists:  open  
Volunteer Coordinator:  Heidi Beth Billingsley 
Website:  Scot Urquhart
Ad-Hoc & Other Committee Chairs:
Nominating Committee:  open  (typically appointed in January)
Financial Review Committee: open
New School Transition Team: (first 2 weeks of school)