Marijuana and Vaping

Our teens might not be attending school in person yet but it is still important to have open conversations with them about vaping and marijuana.  Some teens and adults use marijuana and vape products for different reasons.  Some teens will use products to get high, have a good time and to relax and calm their nerves.  Adults who use these products will often use them to relax and calm their nerves, help them to get to sleep and to relieve chronic pain.  When talking with teens about vape and marijuana products, it is important to remember the negative health effects use may have on the developing teen brain and body and the importance of abstinence.  Below are links to two(2) website documents that address marijuana and vape prevention and the negative health effects and abstinence.  Parents are welcome to contact Erica Healy, MSHS Social Worker, to discuss these topics in more detail or with questions or concerns.

Talking To Your Kids About Marijuana Risks

Talking To Your Kids About Vaping

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