What Is Grad Night?

Grad Night is an annual all-night and all-inclusive party that allows seniors to celebrate together one last time after graduation. More than "just a party," Grad Night is a commitment by parents, school and the community to conduct a great, once in a lifetime celebration that is alcohol and drug free on a night which is statistically one of the most dangerous nights of our children’s lives. It is a unique and spectacular celebration which builds a spirit of togetherness among the graduates as they celebrate with old friends for one last time.

This annual Mount Si tradition is an evening full of surprises, activities, entertainment, food and prizes all held at a “secret” location (or locations).

Grad Night will be an unforgettable event full of great memories and a chance to spend one last evening celebrating with high school classmates – your student will not want to miss it! 

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for Grad Night covers all food, transportation and activities. No additional fees or spending money is required.  The location(s) and associated activities for Grad Night are intentionally kept under wraps. Not only does it add to the excitement of the evening, but it also protects students from "crashers" to the event. All venues are vetted by a professional Grad Night company prior to selection by the Grad Night Committee.
Beginning 1/1/22 until 4/30/22:  $225
Beginning 5/1/22 until 5/27/22:  $249


The Grad Night committee strives to keep the cost as low as possible while still giving students a magnificent night to remember. Donations will go a long way in our quest to provide scholarship opportunities as well as to increase the "wow" factor of our event. We will also undertake fundraising efforts in order to ensure a memorable night and to be able to offer scholarships so that every student who wishes to attend has that opportunity. If you are able to contribute, or if you would like scholarship consideration, please contribute at registration.  Likewise, if you know of a local business or community member who may wish to support Grad Night, send them our way!

MSHS PTSA is a 501(c)3 organization so donations may be tax deductible. Contributions can be sent to MSHS PTSA attn: Grad Night 2022, 8651 Meadowbrook Way SE, Snoqualmie WA 98065.

LEI Orders

Lei orders now open for purchase 

Register For Grad Night 2021

Our goal is for all Class of 2022 students to attend this event, so first and foremost, please register your student today by clicking on the button below.

We are very excited to coordinate this event for the graduating Class of 2022! It promises to be a magnificent opportunity for graduates to celebrate this important milestone in a safe and memorable way.

How Can You Help?

Share The Word:
  • Talk to your student's friends and their families. 
  • Share fliers and announcements on social media. 
  • Contact your employer or local businesses to see if they'd make a donation to support the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to Grad Night?

Only graduating seniors of Mount Si High School are invited to attend.

How much is a ticket for Grad Night?

Beginning 1/1/22 until 4/30/22:  $225
Beginning 5/1/22 until 5/27/22:  $249
What is the refund policy?

Registration if 100% refundable until 5/27/22!  After that time, only a portion of the registration fee is refundable.   

What is the location, date, and time of Grad Night 2021?

Grad Night 2022 will begin after graduation (approx. 9:15PM) June 10, 2022.  Graduates will meet the buses at Showare, where they will board to take them to the event locations.  Bus location and check-in spot will be sent as we get closer to the date. The event locations changes every year and is kept a well-guarded secret.  Graduates will be returned to MSHS at approx. 6:30AM on Saturday, June 11th.

Why is the location kept a secret?

To insure that Grad Night remains a safe, sober, and drug free event the location is a closely guarded secret and cell phones are collected from students when boarding the bus. This is done in order to prevent  "crashers" from jeopardizing the integrity of this fun and popular event. 

Can a senior come to Grad Night at any time?

Students must check in and board the buses immediately following graduation. We will call families of registered students who do not get on the bus to notify them of the student's absence.

What is the point of Grad Night?

Grad Night is a safe, alcohol- and drug-free party to celebrate graduation and the official end of high school years. Graduation is unfortunately a dangerous day for teens: there have been many tragic accidents as kids drink and drive. To avoid having this happen to our kids, parents come together to plan a party that seniors will love.

Please help protect our graduates:

  • Do not hold graduation parties that include drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not allow your Senior to attend a party that includes drugs or alcohol.
  • Encourage your student to attend Grad Night 2021 - it is a once-in-a-lifetime party with friends and classmates that they won't forget!
  • Questions?

    Contact Heidi Hendrickson at:  MSHSGradnight@gmail.com